Make the world a bigger place for a child living with hearing loss.

“A recent PGV survey indicates that over 40% of parents cope with high degrees or extremely high degrees of stress and grief when caring for their deaf and hard of hearing child. Concerning social, emotional and cognitive outcomes of our children, we need to consider effective parent intervention strategies that prioritize a caregiver’s well being.”

~ Joanne Travers, Founder/President of Partners for A Greater Voice

Parent empowerment is a leading topic in global hearing health and habilitation, yet practitioners remain challenged with sustainable outcomes in hearing health, literacy, language, and social emotional growth of children who are deaf and hard of hearing. The predicament of most parents living in resource poor communities and the complexity of a global hearing health and habilitation industry requires the traditional approach to parent education must change in order to improve outcomes for these children.

Essential Programs to Coach and Empower Caregivers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children is a new Partners for A Greater Voice (PGV) program that addresses an urgent need for effective parent interventions. The program is based on eighteen years of qualitative experience, positive psychology research and results compiled from PGV parent surveys.  Joanne Travers, founder and director, leads this innovative program to address hearing health & habilitation, target specific parental needs for emotional health, and prepare parents for their journey to foster whole child development and his/her potential. Click here for more info.

Our Accomplishments: Center based learning centers set up in preschools... Visited 20 schools internationally... Welcomed over 70 Volunteers... Completed over 30 missions... Sponsored a girl in Honduras... Worked with hundreds of parents... Counsel parent network in India... Hundreds of hours of workshops... Acoustic modifications made to classrooms... Initiated and counseled school in Boca Chica... Designed and built two therapy rooms...

We offer seminars for professionals and six half day workshops for parents.