Make the world a bigger place for a child living with hearing loss.

Give the Gift

In low resource communities throughout the world, living conditions are challenging and services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing are scarce and expensive. The cost of a hearing aid is shocking to families we work with, and providing parent support is greatly needed. Greater Voice’s Give the Gift of Hearing is designed to subsidize and sponsor families engaged in our listening and spoken language programs.  It’s important that we educate and coach parents effectively, and build a strong sense of empowerment in order to effectively educate and instill value in our giving.

With your gift of $150, Partners for A Greater Voice provides a qualified family and child with either: 1) a hearing aid and/or custom ear mold, 2) a series of therapy sessions with a listening and language specialist. How we support a child and educate a parent varies, because every child is different and every family deserves the individual support they deserve.

  • A contribution of $150 goes toward Greater Voice Give the Gift projects. 
  • A contribution of $200 qualifies you for receiving a limited edition pastel print called Dominican Dancers.

Please give today!

Give The Gift of Hearing – honors Jane Driscoll. MED

Jane is one of four Founding Directors of Partners for A Greater Voice. She is a Teacher of the Hearing Impaired who has been inspirational to hundreds of children and families she has serviced for more than 40 years. In honor of her and her outstanding belief that all children, regardless of family income, should have access to hearing, donations of US$150/$200 supports a child in need. Partners for A Greater Voice sponsors children in our program with hearing device, listening and spoken language therapy, and education to caregivers. Help children and families in need and donate today.

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