Make the world a bigger place for a child living with hearing loss.

Our Programs

Partners for A Greater Voice has implemented over 30 education and training missions since 2002. Workshops and initiatives have guided parents and professionals toward a deeper experience and understanding of reaching a child’s social, emotional and listening and spoken language potential. Programs included In-country Visits and Assessments, Education and Training Missions, Parent Workshops, United States Training and Visitor Programs. Hearing aid donations, CASSA, constructing and equipping two therapy rooms, and donating containers of school supplies and materials offered academic support and grew listening and spoken language services. Over 70 volunteer partners have supported these initiatives to help more than 100 teachers, 500 parents, and over 10 schools for the deaf and institutions.

Creating successful learning experiences for deaf and hard of hearing children begins with parents, and every one of our missions has involved parents. Schools, communities and families require an understanding of day-to-day challenges and needs parents have. Providing services to children coping with hearing loss requires we also focus on the well being of parents and their ability to foster the greatest potential of their children. This is why our programs are now focused on empowering and coaching the caregiver.